Reduce body odor, a problem that many people worry about.

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One of the biggest problems that makes girls lose their confidence. That is the problem of strong body odor no matter how much perfume you spray. If you encounter sweat and heat It makes the smell even stronger. 

Our body has many scent-producing glands. One of them is the apocrine sweat glands that are located in our armpits. This gland begins to perform its functions when we enter adolescence. It produces sweat or a white, cloudy substance that has a distinctive odor similar to pheromones. Naturally, this substance has no odor. But the musty smell that arises is caused by the breakdown of sweat that comes into contact with bacteria that accumulates in our bodies. Report by

ways to reduce body odor in women that are clean, convenient, and safe. 

  • Take a clean shower. 

As a woman, you must keep yourself more clean. especially bathing Because each day we encounter sweat, pollution, and various bacteria that come into contact with our bodies. You must scrub every nook and cranny clean. Regularly exfoliate the dander at least 1-2 times a week. Choose products that moisturize, remove stains, and smell good. It will make taking a shower more confident each time.

  • Clothes must be clean.  

Always wash clothes often. The clothes you wear must be clean, not damp, not worn repeatedly, not piled up because clothes are something we have to carry with us every day. If sweat hits the bacteria in your clothes, it will make your body smell worse.

  • Armpits must be clean.

Many women have problems with excessive armpit hair. The armpit hair is a source of good bacteria. Because when you sweat,  body odor    will start to show immediately. Therefore, ladies must shave, pluck or wax their armpit hair frequently. To reduce the accumulation of bacteria and deodorize turtles quite well.

  • The body must be safe.

Our bodies can be a reservoir of toxins without even realizing it. Due to eating habits Taking medicine every day can also cause bad odor. Always eat naturally nutritious foods such as vegetables, fruits, or drink water often. It will make it easy for the body to expel bad toxins. It also helps reduce sweat that causes odor.

  • The scent must be safe.

Perfume is something that many people use to deodorize. Or enhance your confidence to smell better. But perfume may not be suitable for girls who sweat a lot. Because the chemicals in perfume come in contact with sweat, it can cause a pungent odor instead of fragrance.