The coronavirus vaccine drama makes Kante lose the World Cup

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Chelsea midfielder N’Golo Kante may not qualify for the 2022 FIFA World Cup for France if he refuses to vaccinate against COVID-19. And the host of Qatar refused to ease the austerity.

Reports from ‘ Mail Online ‘ about the drama of English Premier League players avoiding vaccination against coronavirus have made a comeback, with the case in the ‘ Blues ‘ when Kante and Ruben Lough were back. Tas – Cheek , the two senior players didn’t fly on the US tour.

The reason for missing the trip was because both players agreed to vaccinate against COVID-19. Even in the US, coronavirus health / safety measures will compromise American citizens.

But with foreigners also set a high card. Anyone who has never vaccinate even a single needle is prohibit from entering the country. Without two midfielders , Chelsea went to keep in Los Angeles and warmed up for another 3 matches.  

The same case also affected Crystal Palace

The same case also affected Crystal Palace, as only 10 players were guarantee to join the warm-up matches in Singapore and Australia.

But other big names, including Wilfried Zaha , Eberechi Eze , Mark Gehi and Michael Olyze, did not go with him. Because he was forbidden from entering the kingdom.

Such problems create a headache for the ufabet club, no less. The more severe the outbreak of new species, the need to prepare a plan for winter.  

For one interesting approach is to separate the practice of non-vaccinating groups from large groups to prevent the spread of the epidemic. 

Another issue that could cause problems later this year is the World Cup final in Qatar. Which is strict on health / safety measures for Covid -19 , according to the plan, it is forcing players to register their football players to receive at least one dose of the vaccine.

So if Kante is still stubborn , he may miss serving ‘ Les Bleus ‘ to defend the world title.