Spalletti says Koulibaly thinks well and goes to Singha

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Napoli head coach Luciano Spalletti has made no secret that defender Kalidou Koulibaly is joining Chelsea in the next 72 hours. Pointing is a good solution for all parties.

‘ Sing the Blues ‘ knocked out captain ‘ Azzura ‘ for a price of 34 million pounds ( about 40 million euros ) to add a choice of defenders. The Naples elite have also received lump sum payments when players with the remainder of their final year’s contract refuse to extend their commitments.  

When all parties benefit from an experienced consultant, they do not see the need for hysterics. Even if I secretly regret the quality of Kulibali ‘s footsteps ufabet.  

“ Ask me how many times I want Koulibaly to continue playing with us. In particular, he will be the No. 1 captain for the upcoming season. ” Q & A with supporters on the first training day. 

“ But if he chooses to move out I can’t think of how he was able to help this team throughout the course of our collaboration. ”

“ If he wants to choose another path, we can only wish him good luck. because it deserves it. ” 

“ Another thing would be a frustration. If you go and ask anyone, talk about that guy. ” 

The 31 – year -old defender is expected to be Chelsea ‘s first addition to the new owner Todd Bohly’s era because everything is progressing in a positive direction. and probably debuted before Raheem Sterling from Manchester City